Mine air heaters : Aluminum tubular heater.

Mine Air Heaters

mine air heaters

    air heaters
  • (Air heater) A space heater is a self contained device for heating an enclosed area. . Space heating is generally employed to warm a small space, and is usually held in contrast with central heating, which warms many connected spaces at once.

  • (air heater) Category : mechanical engineering(see air preheater)

  • get from the earth by excavation; "mine ores and metals"

  • A type of bomb placed on or just below the surface of the ground or in the water that detonates when disturbed by a person, vehicle, or ship

  • explosive device that explodes on contact; designed to destroy vehicles or ships or to kill or maim personnel

  • lay mines; "The Vietnamese mined Cambodia"

  • An excavation in the earth for extracting coal or other minerals

  • An abundant source of something

Army Ambulance Kitchen Car

Army Ambulance Kitchen Car

Army Medical Service Ambulance Kitchen Car USA 89601 was built in 1953 by the St. Louis Car Company. Construction was based on a World War II-era car design utilized by the Army Medical Service and the Army Transportation Corps. It was part of an order for kitchen and ambulance cars that were produced to replace cars shipped to Korea.

The purpose of an ambulance kitchen car was to prepare meals on ambulance trains. Ambulance trains were used to move wounded soldiers from a port of entry to bases or other facilities throughout the continental United States (CONUS). Kitchen facilities include a double oven coal-fired stove, ice boxes, food storage lockers, a hot water heater, three sinks, a pressurized water system and even a shower.

The car was stored at Fort Lewis for over 20 years and was retired without ever entering service. Soon after the new ambulance trains were delivered to the Army, long distance air travel quickly supplanted ocean liners as the predominant transoceanic transportation. During the next major conflict (Vietnam), most travel involved jet aircraft.

After retirement, many similar cars were converted into "shorty" baggage cars for Amtrak. Car 89601 however was sold to Kennecott Copper who renumbered it KMC 451 and developed plans to convert it into a tool car for use at a Utah mine. Instead the mine was shut down and the car was donated to the Northwest Railway Museum.

SLM 05 DM&IL 2-10-2 Santa Fe

SLM 05 DM&IL 2-10-2 Santa Fe

Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range #502 - 1916
The Baldwin Locomotive Works built this 2-10-2 (Santa Fe) type locomotive for $30,753. It is a good. example of a “drag freight” locomotive, able to haul heavy, but slow (25-35 mph) trains. It could move 135 car iron ore trains from the mines to the docks at Lake Superior compared to 65 cars for the older 2-8-0 locomotives it replaced. In the late 1920s it was upgraded, getting a feedwater heater, cast trailing truck with a booster engine, and a larger tender. The small booth on the tender is called a “doghouse.” It shelters the crew’s head-end brakeman, and is equipped with a seat, light, and heater. The air tanks were relocated on top of the boiler and extra sand boxes placed on the pilot deck. In the early 1940s they were replaced by larger more modern power and then used in heavy ore switching, transfer, and local freight work. Its feedwater heater and booster engine were removed in the late 1950s. As the end of steam power was coming it was more important to reduce maintenance costs than to improve the locomotive's efficiency. It has 60' drivers, 28" x 32" cylinders. A boiler pressure of 200 lbs., and it weighed 601,610 lbs. in working order. To help it get around curves the center pair of drivers are “blind,” with no flanges on their inner edges. Donated in 1963 by the Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range Railway.

mine air heaters

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