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Replace Baseboard Heater

replace baseboard heater

    baseboard heater
  • As a type of heating equipment, a system in which either electric resistance coils or finned tubes carrying steam or hot water are mounted behind shallow panels along baseboards. Baseboards rely on passive convection to distribute heated air in the space.

  • Take the place of

  • Provide or find a substitute for (something that is broken, old, or inoperative)

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  • supplant: take the place or move into the position of; "Smith replaced Miller as CEO after Miller left"; "the computer has supplanted the slide rule"; "Mary replaced Susan as the team's captain and the highest-ranked player in the school"

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Beany's Favourite

Beany's Favourite

Beany has just, in the last week or so, discovered that the radiators get warm, and that a cat can perch upon them. She loves it.

I only have two of these original radiators (the rest were replaced with baseboard radiator/heaters, which I don't like even half as much), and both I and the cats sometimes have to stop on our paths through the house to warm up.


Twin Rocks Repairs

Twin Rocks Repairs

This little heater (about 8 times the size of a wall outlet) replaces a nasty old run of baseboard heaters.

. . . should be finished in a week . . .

replace baseboard heater

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